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If you want to Validate Email in a efficient manner, then Emailtor is your best solution with our cloud powered validate service for email. Since 2011, we have specialized in the ability to validate email accurately and fast.

A series of 100’s of email checks across what we call “5 tiers” of validation happen when using our patented system. To validate email in a accurate manner, then mailbox level checks must occur with multiple passes. Using our Whisper Ping technology to do this, Emailtor is able to validate email lists quickly and with over a 95% success rate. Validate Email

We offer several different ways to validate your emails from self service packages and monthly subscriptions to our email verification API and all with real time support. With our packages, you can upload your email list to validate without installing any software and on a “as needed” basis.

Occasionally we receive requests on how to validate email (the technical side of it) and we are glad to provide some feedback on this. While we can not divulge our patented extended techniques, we can cover the basics of how to validate emails.

“Regular Expressions” are strings of code that generally will validate email to some degree. However with catch all servers, SPAM traps, and grey servers – true validation takes much more. Because there is no easy regular expression for validation. The wording found in RFC 5322 is very complicated for regular expressions and over the head of most wanting simply to validate email.

There are hundreds of sophisticated grammatical patterns in Perl, PHP, and other coding languages that can all effectively do this without problem. With multiple syntax combinations available though, and the ability to validate can become a moving target.

With mailbox level simulated delivery like Emailtor provides is the only way to validate an email address of the person entering it. We have several large companies that use our API to confirm sign-ups for this very reason.

So if you are looking for a simple way to validate email instead of the complex manner described above, then you can validate a email address or check your email lists for affordable pricing and to save yourself some time.

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