Why Are Yahoo Email Addresses So Hard To Verify?


Certain free ISPs such as Yahoo and Hotmail impose very strict controls on the number of emails that can be validated, which is why you may be able to validate emails individually but not in batches. Normally, our users have a mix of ISPs in their lists.

If you have almost entirely Yahoo addresses in your list which will be problematic via the self-service and is best handled with our priority verification service that handles the ability to verify yahoo email addresses much better.

You ask how Emailtor can verify Yahoo addresses for email better than the competitors? Because we make multiple pass through attempts with our Whisper ping technology. Whisper Ping checks every email address in your list multiple times from multiple servers and receives multiple responses at the mailbox level of the email address itself.

This requires a huge performance load and massive infrastructure of global servers that we have built over the years and continue to upgrade on a monthly basis to give our customers the most accurate email address verification service for not only the problem child services of Yahoo and Hotmail addresses, but all ISP and email providers!

Go with the email verifier that has the Whisper Ping technology so you know that your returned email lists have the highest accuracy rates from the best email verification provider in the industry. No software to download and nothing to install. Just send us your email lists you wanted verified and sit back and relax while we analyze and clean them for you!

Order today and reduce your email bounce rates!

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