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The Emailtor Email Verifier will save your business plenty of time and budget money. It is built for businesses who run email newsletters or collect addresses to communicate with their clients and other businesses. If you are in the business of email by any industry, then maintaining a clean email list with valid contacts is a priority.

Email Verifier by Emailtor works on a patented 5 tier verification system not found in other services. The addresses for email are extracted from your list and run through our cloud powered verifier in real time down to mailbox level. Not once but multiple times with our highly developed Whisper Ping technology that was built with the group think of industry professionals. Email Verifier

Whisper Ping is the method of simulated email sends to a user’s account without the user ever even knowing. This provides an over 95% accuracy rate to your email lists.  Our email verifier disconnects as soon as the mail server informs the program whether the address exists or not and we come back until we get a reliable answer.

A chosen solution for standard message delivery errors or high bounce rates you received from your email marketing providers, Emailtor will help reduce bounce and remove invalid or bad addresses. Email Verifier verifies every e-mail address that you upload to us and we report back with easy to understand reporting and status codes.

Searching for a email verifier can be somewhat confusing due to the large amount of inferior products and services offered online. With Emailtor you get a trusted brand, a physical location with real support, and a dedicated provider that specializes in this industry only. Our verifier for email requires no software to install, no IP address blocking, and the smallest amount of time required on your part.

Our automated system does all of the work and saves you all of the trouble. Enjoy the highest accuracy and the best pricing with an email list cleaning package or even a email verification API to install in your own products, services, or eCommerce websites if you have a demand for a real time email verifier.

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