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Email List Cleaning service and software online by Emailtor is your easiest solution for cleaning an email list these days. Our email list cleaning service has made the process much simpler and affordable, saving you time while our online software takes care of this process for you with accuracy.

Is your email list “dirty” with slews of bad and invalid emails? Maybe you have recently had a surge of SPAM subscribers or even your list is outdated with old emails that you are not sure are active anymore? Dozens of people just like you come to Emailtor every day for our automated list cleaning service that will scrub your emails back to blissful list hygiene. Email List Cleaning

Do not wast your time with a software that you install on your computer and will risk banning your IP address, not to mention the time you will have to spend to keep it going. With Emailtor’s self service cloud based solution, you can instantly signup and have a username and password delivered to you. Once you login, you can upload your email list and our 5 tier patented system with “Whisper Ping” technology will take care of the rest.

“Whisper Ping” is the ability to check all the way down to a single email address mailbox level with multiple pass-through in order to verify existence with the industry’s highest accuracy rate. Our email list cleaning services enable you to securely validate and remove bad email addresses from your lists and databases.

Email List Cleaning That Works:

  • With Emailtor, we protect you against IP address blacklisting.
  • We boost your trust to email servers by reducing SPAM.
  • It increases the chances of inbox delivery up to 95%.


Each Cleaning Email List Tier:

  • Validation: The identification of bad email addresses, undeliverable emails and spam traps.
  • Suppression: We will flag and scrub off invalid and bad email addresses from your list.
  • Repair: Then the correction of improperly formatted emails and typos.


The best features of our email list cleaning service is that there is no software to install, nearly no time involved from you (upload and go) and a higher verification level that any other service or software can offer. If you want extreme clean with no hassle, then Emailtor is your solution.

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