Manufacturing Companies Find Email Verification Effective


Is the economy improving? If you ask manufacturing businesses, most of them will say yes as production output is up about 10% since last year. But as things start to get back on track for these manufacturing businesses, they are finding that their email lists are outdated with expired contacts. So what to do?

Clean those email lists with the number one method used for manufacturing leads registration and tracking systems. Email marketing is an alive and thriving business like the manufacturing bounce back.

When asked in a recent survey, manufactures gave the original email address as their primary form of communication with other manufacturing partners, even beating out past the phone number. When it is important and attention grabbing – email is the leader even for manufactures.

As the late spring and summer sales slump is approaching prepping your email list cleaning now will increase your business contacts and needs be at the top of your to do list. A important element of that strategy should contain cleaning your email list and removing invalid and outdated subscribers or past customers. By sending out an email blast to non-existent manufacture contact addresses, your are setting yourself up for failure and potentially doomed when you can contact part or service suppliers in your supply chain.

Cleaning your supplier’s emails on a regular basis is becoming the norm. Your customers have found that an email address is easily change, disposable even. Email communication providers are cutting down on what is and what is not allowed as an acceptable bounce rate from their email servers.

The higher the bounce rate your email list gives, the more risk you run into by getting booted or blocked from your preferred senders. Keeping your list clean and tidy helps make your overall email marketing campaign more effective and with assured deliver ability.

So what is stopping your manufacturing business contacts? It isn’t the cost, we offer some of the best prices in the industry. It can’t be time either, because we handle the cleaning for you. Prep your manufacturing contacts list now and keep your leads tidy, fresh, and active so your product producing business stays growing.

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