Glocksoft Advanced Email Verifier Review


The Advanced Email Verifier from Glocksoft ( G-Lock software) is a desktop software version of a email verifier for Windows computers.

From our research, the Advanced Email Verifier software has mixed reviews and many complaints in forums about the users having their IP address blocked from their ISP (Internet Service Provider) when using the product.

When referencing press releases, the name of the company is Glocksoft from Belarus shows to be the owner. Belarus is located between Russia and the Ukraine. At this time the software shows no version for Apple Mac or Linux. Glocksoft does not show to offer phone support at this time either.

With Emailtor, our service is completely web based and will not ban your IP address. Emailtor also offers the convenience of being able to upload your email list for cleaning and then coming back after completion without requiring your computer to stay on or unattended.

Emailtor also uses an advanced 5 tier cleaning system that is patented in the United States on a large scale cloud verification system built on MIT technology not found or available in other products or services. Emailtor has a physical presence in Charlestown, MA and is used by some of today’s largest companies for email verifier needs. Advanced Email Verifier

If you are searching for an Advanced Email Verifier software or online service, then Emailtor provides the best value with reliable results. Affordable packages are now available for general use according to your business needs.

Use the Emailtor Email Verifier in an advanced and easy to use web based service today and you will not have to install any software. All you will need is your web browser and a few minutes of your time. Leave the rest to Emailtor.

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