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Will my IP address get blocked by my ISP?
No it will not. The benefit of Emailtor is that the service runs from our cloud server system. Putting the processing on us, not you.
How fast is Emailtor?
We have a 5 tier multi-thread system that verifies thousands of emails every minute, across multiple cloud servers. We do our very best to clean your list and return it to you as fast as we can.
Will I have to install any software?
No. Nothing is required but your web browser and uploading your email list to us. Our system and staff takes care of the rest. You can focus on other important things without having to wait.
How does Emailtor verification work?
We use 5 different levels to check the valid status of an email address. 1. The Syntax (format) 2. The MX records (is it real) 3. Mailbox (ping the exact account) 4. Second MX pass 5. Email send simulation. With these 5 processes done in real-time for every single email address, we boast one of the best email verification systems you can find anywhere.
What happens after I buy a list cleaning package?
After your purchase, you will be taken to a screen to upload your list. To expedite the process, please make sure your email list is in a TXT or CSV format with your email addresses in a single column.
How do I upload my email list?
We have a very simple and easy to use system with a way of arranging receipt of the list to us. 1. Use a File Import – Upload any text(.txt) or CSV (.csv) file that contains the email addresses you want to verify to our cloud storage area. This includes Excel (export as .csv), Outlook (export as .CSV) or another application that can support exporting as text or CSV.
What export formats do you support?
We support exporting to Excel, and CSV formats.
What is your accuracy rate?
Around 96.2% - with no risk of your IP being banned, no software to install, and the ability to upload your list and tackle other things while we clean your list for you. Not bad right? Emailtor has work-arounds for Grey list technology and is server based on a dynamic system, meaning we are so proud of our accuracy rate that we offer a full 72 hour money back guarantee on our service if you are not completely satisfied with the results.
Are there emails you can't check?
Not many. We know which server types cause issues, and we will label the results accordingly in your list so you will know up front.
How about SPAM trap emails?
We do not check SPAM trap emails because of the problems associated with the area. This affects less than 3% of our current customer inquires.
How often should I check my email list for invalid emails?
For lists greater than 10,000 - we suggest cleaning it every 2 weeks. Smaller lists should be checked monthly. Email addresses are constantly changing as users cancel accounts, move employers, and setup new ones. Frequent checking is always recommended if you rely on email marketing and communication for your business.
How do request a custom job?
Contact us to get the best pricing!
Do you have an API for use?
Yes, please see our Email Verification API page for more details.
How secure is my data I upload?
Very! We take security more than serious here at Emailtor. You can rest assured that your emails are stored securely during the processing period and are immediately deleted from our servers once your job completes.
Do you offer custom list jobs?
Yes we do. Pricing will vary depending on job size, and custom jobs require a 100,000 email minimum. Please contact us to receive a quote and time estimate. Our pre-defined packages are put together to provide you the best pricing for the range and to speed delivery.
Do you offer a trial service?
Yes, you can use the tool on our demo page for an individual email to see how Emailtor works. If you are wanting to run a small trial before a larger purchase, we suggest the "Level 3000" list cleaning package.
What does "Unknown" status mean?
"Unknown" status means the email could be valid or invalid and that the email server that we tested the email address on was not reporting in a reliable fashion. We recommend to only rely on the "OK" status emails. You can splice segments from "Unknown" status emails into your OK status emails over time to minimize any issues.
I have a question about something not listed here.
Contact us via email, phone, or dove and we will respond as quick as possible to assist.
In what format should my CSV or TXT file be?

Your Excel .CSV or plain .TXT file should list your emails in a single column.


and so on. Other columns in spreadsheets are not supported. You can however copy and past your emails into a new spreadsheet, then past back the results from us into your original sheet in order to maintain additional columns.

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