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Email Verifier Software comes in several forms. One form is the type that you install on your computer and blocks your IP address after a few uses, and only has a 30% roughly accuracy rate (even though many of these fly by night products claim higher).

The other type of email verifier software is the type that Emailtor is, which is known as a SaaS or “Software as a Service” that is cloud hosted on enterprise level server proxy infrastructure. Emailtor is a online email verifier software that will not block your IP and has a 95% and higher accuracy rate because it uses the patented Whisper Ping technology that silently pings down to the mailbox level of users without them ever receiving an email or knowing. Email Verifier Software

This is the best type of email verifier software because it actually works and you have nothing to install or sit around waiting to work while you are bored. With Emailtor’s online verifier, our hosted software service will take your uploaded email list and clean it for you while you move on to other important things in your business.

You will be able to come back later and retrieve your newly scrubbed email list with confidence that you now have a highly targeted and active list of subscribers and email contacts, removing all forms of SPAM and invalid email addresses in bulk.

Why spend your time marketing or attempting communication with email addresses that do not exist? This will cause your ROI to disappear, your time to be wasted, and your bounce rate to climb out the roof. Clean your email lists with Emailtor’s real email verifier software online using your web browser.

Emailtor will not slow down your computer either because our systems do all of the work. Upload your email list and go! When dozens of the world’s best companies are using Emailtor, and hundreds of people just like you, then you will know that you are in good company with a trusted resource. Count on Emailtor today and upload your email list for cleaning now with affordable pricing on a cloud software based email verifier you will fall in love with.

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