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If you are in search of a Email Verifier API for your own product, service, website, or eCommerce system, then Emailtor has the solution you need. With a verifier for email in API format that is easy to integrate with your own ideas and XML support, you will see what many others already count on every day for real time email verification.

The email verifier API from Emailtor is built solid, fast, and reliable. Achieving over 95% accuracy with 5 tier patented email validation. We can support nearly any service or product out there with simple integration. Email Verifier API

From forums, blogs, and SaaS offerings to Customer Service call centers, shopping carts, and eCommerce websites our API will deliver what you need and when you need it with amazing results. In turn this will save you countless support hours by reducing invalid and SPAM emails from your systems.

Verify emails down to mailbox levels with our “Whisper Ping” technology with years in the making and fine tuning to combat the usual email verifier problems of gray area domain and email providers. Our cloud proxy network is large enough that the host systems never see us coming from the same place twice to prevent blocking and deliver accurate results back to you.

Supporting all of the standard protocols like SOAP, GET, and POST and along with any system that can parse XML, Emailtor’s Email Verifier API stands ready to be put to the test. Microsoft WCF implementation is also supported.

Get full MX records for a domain, mail servers, and metrics too. Syntax validation is only a start, then Whisper Ping to mailbox level, along with multiple scans to ensure the highest rate of accuracy. All in real-time and our system taking all of the workload to minimize impact and hold times for yours.

Experience a near instant email verifier api solution today from Emailtor and let us take care of your verification needs.

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