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Using the Emailtor Email Validation API in your website, product, service, or eCommerce system will provide validation for your users email at signup or registration. Other API uses expand from software integration to shopping cart checkout.

You name the Email Validation API use, and Emailtor’s solution can deliver a reliable and accurate validation system in real time and reduce your costs and support times. If you are searching for real time validation services then our API is the answer you need. Email Validation API

Lead generation websites, top ranked blogs and forums, eCommerce sales, social media startups, and mobile apps are all of the few examples that can make use of our API for email validation. There is not much (if anything) that our easy to integrate service can not be used in or on.

SOAP, POST, and GET are all of the standard protocols that our API uses. If your system can parse XML, then it will work easily with our service. Other technical items include Microsoft’s WCF implementation, mailbox level authentication using our patented “Whisper Ping” technology, and validation for syntax and MX records. All combined to deliver a 5 tier email validation API that can not be matched by any competitor.

Add real time email validation with an API that you can trust and count on for accuracy and reliability. Reduce, minimize, and eliminate SPAM, fake user signups, and user entry errors from your databases. Any online service or SaaS runs more efficiently and returns an ROI for those services tight on budget.

With an authentic and a clean email list on hand, your marketing and technical support systems will be a fined tuned machine with Emailtor as the perfect partner offering your email validation api service running alongside. Please contact Emailtor today to discover more about our API for email validation and to request sample documentation and implementation code that you can test or concept with your own website, service, or products today.

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