Prepping Your Email Marketing For Sales


More than ever, people are buying online. At the same time, a users email address is still the number one method used for e-commerce registration and tracking systems. Not their social media login like Facebook or Twitter, but instead their email address. Why? Because marketers and conversion specialists know that the email address translates still to the mighty money they seek for their business.

Email marketing is as alive as ever and growing along side every other new and breaking marketing technique. When asked in a recent survey, customers gave their email address as their primary form of communication beating out even the past reliable phone number. When it is important and attention grabbing – email is the leader.

With the upcoming Q4 sales season approaching and taking into consideration that another year of record online sales is coming with it, prepping your email marketing strategy now to increase your sales should be at the top of your to do list. A important element of that strategy should contain cleaning your email list and removing invalid and outdated subscribers or past customers. By sending out an email blast to non-existent email addresses, your are setting yourself up for failure and potentially as a spammer.

Cleaning your emails on a regular basis is becoming the norm. Your customers have found that an email address is easily change, disposable even. Email marketing providers are also cutting down on what is and what is not allowed as an acceptable bounce rate. The higher the bounce rate your email list gives, the more risk you run into by getting booted or blocked from your preferred senders. Keeping your list clean and tidy helps make your overall email marketing campaign more effective and with assured deliver ability.

So what is stopping you from proper email list hygiene? It can’t be cost, we offer some of the best prices in the industry. It can’t be time either, because we handle the cleaning for you, and it can’t be security because we never retain data afterwards and keep your list safe while in our hands. Prep your sales list now and keep your leads active, fresh, and ready to buy this coming holiday season and every day after it with Emailtor!

Prep Now, Click Here To Clean Your List

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