Our Review - Email Checker Rolosoft


Are you looking for Email Checker reviews? Here is a review for which offers a similar service to our own.

Here at Emailtor, we ensure you are well educated about the options you have for an email verification service and in doing so that you will choose Emailtor as your provider due to our leading technology abilities and customer service.

Now that you know where we stand, here is a review on what we know about Email Checker is owned and operated by eVerify Ltd. from the UK area. They also provide hosted application services to their customers.

eVerify Ltd. has a stated accuracy of 85 to 90 percent with their email address verification service. Their service was started slightly ahead of ours in 2009 by then company Rolosoft. At this time the company is owned through a joint venture entrepreneur’s Rowland O’ Connor and Jonathan Rodger.

We highly respect each and every competitor that we have in this competitive area of email checking, and simply provide this review as a service to our customers and potential customers who wish to know more about their options for a reputable service on email checking.

eVerifiy Ltd. has a strong presence in the UK and EU service, where Emailtor looks to focus on the US, Canada, and other territories. Thank you for reading this review and do hope you find the solution that works for your email verifier needs.

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Emailtor offers a great alternative that is sure to meet the needs and exceed your expectations in customer service and quality services. We encourage you today to learn more about what Emailtor has to offer in the email verification area that continues to expand and assist both businesses and marketers with 3 day temporary access, ongoing subscriptions for larger needs, and a dedicated API to incorporate and adapt to your own needs.

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