Check Email List To Verify Emails


Check your email list online on a consistent basis. Your email list is crucial to your business and you should check it often to clean it up and remove invalid subscribers or leads. If the email address does not exist, then why spend time marketing to it?

Email lists or these “virtual lists” of contacts are the lifeblood of your sales and marketing teams. Even into 2013 and well beyond the ROI on email marketing stays well ahead of social media marketing.

Thankfully Emailtor has arrived to clean your lists and scrub them from bad email addresses or from expired domains that no longer exist. Focus the performance of your email campaigns on real prospects instead through constant list hygiene. Check Email List

By removing bad emails from your email list, you can reduce your bounce rate and make your email server much happier. Virtually eliminate undeliverable emails with Emailtor, an online web based service that will not ban your IP address or take up your precious time.

You can upload your email list for cleaning in our easy to use interface and let our patented 5 tier system do all of the work and save you all of the time and headache that locally installed software fails to deliver. With Emailtor, there is nothing to download and install and we offer a pay-as-you-go basis and subscriptions for larger email list checking.

Start today and experience true email list cleaning and move forward with confidence when you want to check email list valid status in the future.

Emailtor’s Check Email List Features

Remove Dead and Undeliverable Emails
Import Your Email List and Export In Multiple Formats
No Software To Install and No IP Address Blocking
Upload Your List and Walk Away, No Babysitting
Save Time and Save Money By Decreasing Overhead

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