CBSNews MoneyWatch Review Covers Emailtor Launch


Last week it was a team building exercise, and this week it is CBSNews MoneyWatch covering the launch of Emailtor next month. Here is an excerpt from the article that sums things up to perspective.

Emailtor looks to lead the industry with a history of reputation and service that far exceeds any current offering available to the general public due to a five tier and patented email verification service that will introduce a self-service temporary use format which will keep costs of use down and affordable for hundreds of thousands of companies.

Feel free to read the article in its entirety at the CBSNews Emailtor MoneyWatch review from their website.

Emailtor should be live by the end of March, 2013 and ready for public consumption. Leads are coming in daily as word continues to travel to different outlets and more people realize that an affordable solution with MIT inspiration is taking shape and a better alternative to many current solutions.

Working tirelessly on having our systems ready for immediate use is our top priority and exceeding value and service over any other option will be our utmost goal that we guarantee to deliver on. CBS Emailtor Review

If you have a specific need for an Email Verification API as written about in this CBS News MoneyWatch review, please contact customer service at Emailtor’s HQ and we will help you come about a permanent solution to your immediate need. Temporary access for small email list cleaning jobs are available also and subscription packages for larger lists or enterprise needs.

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