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Were you looking for a review on in your search for a bulk email verifier service? If so then please read on and learn more in our review here.

With our research we see that is a side project of and claims to be online since 2010, but launching the bulk service in 2011. We can not find a clear answer on what company or person owns the service at this time from their website.

We did find more international reviews about than some of the other email verification services out there which could mean they are more popular in other parts of the world than here in the United States. This is unclear though also.

Emailtor wants to insure our customers and potential customers of every option they have for a bulk email verifier and do hope you will choose Emailtor, yet want you to have all the research you deserve for this little known area of the email industry.

Please see the Emailtor pricing and learn how we are able to get you better value for your budget on a trusted email verifier.

Emailtor is dedicated to providing the best customer service and best pricing that will exceed your needs and reduce your email list bounce by removing invalid emails and cleaning or scrubbing your marketing communication lists.

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