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If you are in search of a Bulk Email Verifier online using a web based service, then Emailtor has the solution you need. Verifying emails in bulk will save you time and money through minimizing invalid emails on your lists.

By scrubbing and cleaning your email leads on a regular basis, you will reduce email bounce rates and bring a greater return on investment through the targeting of real subscribers. The Emailtor bulk email verifier is an online service that uses your web browser as the entry point. You can upload your email lists to the Emailtor system and let our patented 5 tier email verification featuring our “Whisper Ping” technology do the rest. Bulk Email Verifier

No other email verifier for bulk use will yield you the results found in the Emailtor system, which is used by hundreds of today’s top companies for the very need you are searching for today.

With no software to install, reduction in time of use, and no risk to blocking your IP address from your Internet Service Provider, Emailtor has become the leading bulk email verifier in the industry. You won’t find a better service online at the affordable prices that we offer. Our competitors claim it, but have yet to deliver.

Each day we receive new users who are switching over to our online verifier over their current providers.  A variety or reasons are given, but most say that the locally installed software versions do not work as promised or that other verifiers that are web based are too expensive and the results vary.

With Emailtor, you get the best pricing and the best bulk email verification service from start to finish. A service you can count on daily to maximize your email results if you are marketing or using emails for clients, customers, or web users. Emailtor can verify email addresses in bulk with over a 95% effectiveness rate.

Start up your bulk email verifier online and reduce the time and money you spend verifying emails by leaving the process to Emailtor instead.

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