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If you are looking for a review on BriteVerify email verification, please read on for more about them. BriteVerify is a privately held corporation headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina that shows a start date of 2005 on their website but a recent announcement of the service launch in February 2012 through a PR Web news release from Las Vegas.

We could neither confirm or deny which is more accurate, but BriteVerify offers a similar service when it comes to email verification. However we do hope you will continue your research more about Emailtor and our competitive pricing where we are able to provide better pricing than any know competitors that we have at this time.

We also like to ensure that our customers or potential customers are well informed about not only us, but other options for email verifier services that exists. Homework and research on this growing and mostly unknown industry is highly recommended.

BriteVerify shows to have company founders of Jeff Bezos and Werner Vogels on their website, but in the PR Web news release shows Matt McFee and a internet research could not determine any clarity on which is more accurate. It could possibly be all three in some form.

Emailtor, like their service also serves any size business or need. We are completely scalable and have a patented 5 tier email verification service as well as competitive pricing for our API, 3 Day passes, and monthly subscription services when needed.

See our email verifier pricing or discover more about how Emailtor works today.

Thank you for reading this BriteVerify review and do hope you will learn more about the Emailtor features that could very well encourage you to choose Emailtor for your email verification needs now and in the future.

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