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All your business partners are doing it, right? Downloading email verifier software to verify email addresses from your computer. It is cheap and quick you have heard and now you are searching out for the best email verifier software yourself to clean up your email lists?

However the email verifier software you never knew about never even existed.

Here is why software for email verification will do you no good, no matter what their marketing says. We say go buy it and test it yourself with your “cleaned” lists and then come back to in a few weeks to let us know what you would have spent your budget on instead of wasting it with that gimmick.

Here are a few of the top reasons that people like you end up converting to Emailtor’s online email verification service, and we call it the 3 traps of ineffectiveness.

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Trap 1

Without a reliable proxy service of your own, your IP address will get banned. It will be a matter of time and without a doubt, email verifier software has a 99% effectiveness rate when it comes to getting your IP address blacklisted with your ISP! Fact!

Solution 1

Go with Emailtor from the word go. By the time you buy a premium proxy service to avoid IP blacklisting and order their software, you could have went with us anyway. Along with the fact that you have to babysit your time when using a local software, and instead Emailtor users upload their list to our system so that it will take care of the email cleaning for them while they focus on other things.

Trap 2

Email verifier software results are 99% unreliable, they really should guarantee it. Most of them probably do not want to own up to numbers like that when they are not in the favor of the product.

Your computer was never meant to be an email server that supports PTR and SPF records. Nearly every consumer and small to medium business level Internet Service Providers will block packets that appear to be coming from an email server. Expect consistent problems with local software installed.

Solution 2

Emailtor runs from the clouds, not your computer. We have a quarter of a million dollar backend that is meant to do one thing and one thing well – verify your emails accurately! Not a one time written software that turns your PC into a email churning toaster oven of burnt toast.

ISP’s do not block us because they don’t see us.

Trap 3

Local software does not work. There we said it. Port 25 is regularly blocked by servers, ISP’s, and other services when sent from unreliable sources like your computer.

When a product is incapable of doing what is required from the receiving end, then the results are not there. Only a figment of imagination is all that you get back in the end. Some varieties we have found even make you feel cheery by saying the operation was a success.

Try uploading a few hundred thousand emails and let us know in a few days how it went.

Solution 3

The average Emailtor user is done in a few hours, and it was a few hours that they were productive elsewhere while our system took care of the job for them.

Oh yea, Port 25 loves us.

Now are you ready for the best email verifier software that you never knew about?

With Emailtor, there is NO

  • Software Installation
  • Babysitting Job
  • IP Address Blacklisting


Read about more Emailtor benefits or skip right to the packages and pick the one that works for you.

Leave the email verifier software to the unknowing instead and leave your email verification needs to Emailtor.

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