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A clean email list is your very ticket to a reduced bounce rate and ridding your list of bad email addresses. With only valid contacts on your newly clean email list, your marketing and communication will reach new levels.

The first steps to a clean email list is by selecting a package from Emailtor that fits your subscriber count. After having your package and login details to our cloud based email verification system, you can take your email list and upload it to us. From this point our system will do all of the work while you move on to other things during the list cleaning process. Clean Email List

Every day people like you count on Emailtor to take care of removing bad emails from their list and providing back clean results. Some people call this email scrubbing or list hygiene. We take care of any type of emails that might find their way to your subscriber list. From invalid domains and syntax, to typos and misspellings.

Emails that go undelivered still continue to cause problems for marketing through email. Bounce codes are somewhat encrypted and there is a lack of standardization from email servers. A clean email list is a critical step in list management, and it will better your chances with a return on investment. Instead of trying to understand and decode every bounce code, you can instead remove these bad emails and not have to sweat them.

How does this scenario sound? You have a large email contact list that you have built up over the years. You now are ready to start sending out your email campaign that you have worked days or maybe even weeks on. Then you blast your newly setup campaign through your favorite email marketing service or direct. Within hours, your results are beyond horrible and you now have over 40% emails on your list that have bounced back.

If this sounds familiar right now or what you are experiencing in your current situation, then Emailtor is the next step you can take to clean your email list of these undeliverable emails. Improve your email communication effectiveness by over 95% today with Emailtor.

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